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Article: What to look for in your Baby Play Mat?

What to look for in your Baby Play Mat? - TSL

What to look for in your Baby Play Mat?

You may think you've covered the basics with your stroller, cot and nappy bag. But one nursery item you'll reach for over and over again will be your linen play mat.

A play station, a resting area and a makeshift blanket for bub, a high quality play mat will be one of the most treasured items in your nursery. If you're looking to add a new play mat to your home, or gift one to an expecting friend or new parent, here are the key things you need to look out for when choosing your baby play mat. 

Linen Baby Play Mat

Lightweight and portable 

You'll find that you're often moving your play mat around the home with you. When you need to be in lounge, kitchen or another room, you'll need a lightweight and easily portable mat that you can bring along so bub can happily rest and play while you go about your errands. A linen play mat makes for an ideal lightweight mat, compared to heavier foam mats. 

TSL Co's Linen Play Mats are made from stonewashed French linen for a luxuriously soft surface that's gentle on baby's skin and also light enough to carry around in one hand. Plus each mat comes in its own matching linen carry and dust bag, making the mat stylish, easy and practical to carry on the go.

Matches the decor and aesthetic of your nursery and home 

Not only do you want a linen play mat that matches the theme and decor of your nursery, you'll want to make sure it also matches the aesthetic of your home. Do you love bright colours, or do you prefer your home to have more of a neutral colour scheme? 

To help you match the aesthetic of your home, our TSL Co Linen Play mat come in both statement colours such as Terracotta and baby blue and classic hues such as Oatmeal. Whichever colour you choose, be sure to think about how it'll fit within the broader look and feel of your house, so it feels right at home in every corner.

Easy to clean

No doubt, you'll find that you are constantly cleaning your baby play mat. To ensure you're not wasting precious time, it's important to choose a mat that you can clean with minimal fuss. Choose a machine washable option that you can pop into the washing machine and simply hang dry, as and when you need.

Generously padded and sized

Your baby play mat will see a lot of love - from playtime, to nap time, you need a mat that can sufficiently support baby's various activities. Ensure you choose a comfortably padded mat that will provide a soft and thick surface to protect bub from cold or hard floors. Look for premium polyester filling, providing a thick and cushioned surface to protect bub from bumps and tumbles.

You'll also want to ensure the mat is large enough for baby to comfortably move around without fear of rolling off. The TSL Co Linen Play Mat come in a generous size of 120 centimetres, so there's plenty of space for baby to rest, roll and play.

Linen Baby Play Mat

A linen play mat is a much-needed and thoughtful accessory for any nursery. Be sure to save this helpful guide or share with an expecting friend, to help choose a practical, stylish and safe baby play mat that is perfect for their little bub.

Image credit: Tayla Stynes

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