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Linen Care

TSL linen is 100% natural, pre-washed and incredibly durable. Cool in summer and warm in winter. Linen becomes more beautiful and soft with each wash. 

Our Tips 

When cared for correctly, our linen will last many years. To ensure the longevity of the pieces follow these simple steps:

Before first use
There may be slight manufacturing odours, as such you may wish to pre-wash your linen before first use. 

We recommend you wash your linen at cold or 40C. Lightly fill the machine to allow linens room to move about. Use high quality laundry detergent and avoid strong detergents with a high concentration or bleach. A good quality laundry detergent really matters in ensuring optimal softness of your linen so don't skimp here. Wash all linen separately the first times as fibres may come off the product during the first washing cycles. 

Tumble dry your linen at medium heat on a slow tumble setting or alternatively line dry your linen as it's best for the environment. However we've noticed tumble drying your linen will give it a softer feel then line drying. 

This is really a personal preference. We love a relaxed look so don't iron the linen. However, for special occasions if we prefer a more crisp finish, we will gently iron on linen settings. 

Fading over time can also be expected and a natural part of the beauty of linen  however, keep your linen out of direct sunlight.

Linen is an incredibly sustainable, durable and beautiful material. When taken care of correctly, it will bring joy for many years to come. 


Pure Linen Throw

creating magical moments

At TSL, we believe in creating delightful moments in the every day. Wherever you use them - at the dinner table, in cozy corners or pottering around the house, we are inspired by simple design that bring moments of joy to your daily rituals.

luxury meets sustainability

We believe every drop makes the ocean and we are determined to leave no footprint behind. Our linen pieces are designed to be long-lasting and loved for many years to come. They’re made from luxurious, durable, premium linen that will stand the test of time. We are saying bye to buying more and yes to buying better.

We're always open for a chat

If you love our wares, we'd be so grateful if you'd share your reviews and feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, our virtual doors (i.e. inboxes) are always open. We'd love to hear from you. 


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