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Article: Benefits of Using a Copper Tongue Cleaner

Benefits of Using a Copper Tongue Cleaner - TSL

Benefits of Using a Copper Tongue Cleaner

An Ayurvedic wellbeing secret practised for thousands of years, copper tongue cleaning has become an increasingly popular choice of self-care in the modern era.

Not only is it a safe and easy way to improve your oral health, daily tongue cleaning is key to achieving fresher breath and a holistically cleaner mouth.

If you're not already familiar with the benefits of using a tongue cleaner, read below on why and how to incorporate a copper tongue cleaner into your daily wellness routine.


Why is it necessary to clean your tongue? 

Do you ever notice a white film-like coating on your tongue? Or do you frequently experience bad breath in the morning, or throughout the day?

Aside from being embarrassing, these can be signs of a build up of harmful bacteria and toxins that are caused by not properly or adequately cleaning your tongue. 

Your tongue harbours many bacteria and germs, which can be harmful to your health and oral hygiene. Over time, this build up can result in long term dental issues, such as bad breath, oral infections and gum disease.

Whilst daily brushing and mouthwash help to look after your teeth and mouth, they may not be enough to remove all the unwanted germs hiding on your tongue. Due to the stubborn film-like nature of the microorganisms that lurk on your tongue (being the white film that you may have noticed), thorough scraping is necessary to effectively remove the biofilm that can otherwise linger.

Recommended by dentists and hygienists alike, daily copper tongue cleaning is key to safely ensuring a holistically clean and refreshed mouth. 

Why use a copper tongue cleaner? 

Whilst some-people simply use their toothbrush to clean their tongue, the bristles of most regular toothbrushes can be abrasive on your tongue tissue and lead to bleeding or tissue damage.

In comparison, copper is widely regarded for its alkalising and anti-bacterial properties which safely and effectively fight to remove the harmful bacteria that can linger in your mouth.

Unlike stainless steel options, copper is naturally anti-microbial, meaning it can safely be used longer than other metal options.

Copper is also more long-lasting compared to plastic cleaners, which should be more regularly replaced, unfortunately leading to more waste and landfill. Not only does copper also look nicer in your bathroom, you may also find that copper is more comfortable on your tongue than plastic cleaners.

How to use a copper tongue cleaner? 

After brushing, place the tongue scraper on your tongue with the U end towards the back of your tongue, so that you are lightly gripping the handles with each hand.

Then gently pull forward the tongue cleaner to strip away all the coated buildup on your tongue.

Rinse the scraper with water, and repeat as often as feels comfortable. Finish off with your regular mouthwash.

Clean your tongue cleaner by washing with soap and water after every few uses.  

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By cleaning your tongue on a daily basis, you can experience fresher breath, improved sense of taste and a lower risk of absorbing toxins and bacteria into your body.

If you haven't already, try adding tongue cleaning to your daily routine and experience the instantly refreshing results for yourself.

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