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Article: Is Linen Worth the Investment for your Home?

Is Linen Worth the Investment for your Home? - TSL

Is Linen Worth the Investment for your Home?

Whether used in the kitchen, bedroom or living spaces, linen instantly adds an elevated and chic touch to every home.

Our love affair with rustic and luxurious linen continues to grow not only because of its aesthetically premium look but also because it is one of the most highly sustainable textiles you can use in your home. 

If you've been wondering what makes linen one of the most treasured and sought after garments across fashion and homewares, let us fill you in.

Linen Tablecloth

Where does linen originate?

Linen is derived from the flax plant, which is primarily grown in Northern Europe, Russia and parts of Asia. Flax plants are highly resilient, growing well in harsh conditions and needing significantly less water than cotton fields.

This versatile plant can also be almost used entirely, resulting in minimal excess waste. Flax seeds are considered a superfood, whilst flaxseed oil offers various benefits for both home and health. Given its multi-use properties, it is no wonder that linen has been one of the oldest fibres used by humans. 

How is linen created? 

The soft, almost silky feel of pure linen is created by weaving flax plant fibres through an extensive, laborious and highly skilled process. The plant is extracted from the ground, then deseeded before being spun into yarn and eventually woven into the fluid fabric you most commonly see today.

The time and skill required in producing linen means it is significantly more costly to produce than cheaper textiles such as cotton or polyester.

When it comes to sustainability, linen is in fact one of the most eco-friendly fabrics you can choose for your home. When left un-dyed, linen is in fact entirely biodegradable. The natural hue of untreated linen is usually a creamy ivory, ecru or light tan, which is beautiful and classic on its own.

However the porous composition of linen is such that it also holds dyes remarkably well, adding both to the weight and versatility of this fabric.

Linen Table Napkins

Why is linen always in demand?

Linen is highly sought after, especially in the fashion and home-textiles industry. The reasons for this are plentiful - linen is fast drying, moisture-wicking and breathable even in high temperatures. This means that even during the peak of summer, the cooling nature of this fabric against your skin or in your home will leave you feeling comfortable and fresh. 

The multi-use properties don't stop there - being naturally moth-resistant and anti-bacterial also makes linen a durable and superior choice for homewares such as bedding, curtains or table napkins.

The low elasticity means that pure linen is more likely to crinkle than cotton, however many find that they prefer the boho chic and rustic look of lived-in linen. 

If you're looking to invest in your first linen homewares, look for stonewashed or pre-washed linen which feels comfortably worn-in and cosy from your first use. 

But unlike other fibres that lose their shape and quality after a few washes, linen is the fine wine that gets better with age. Even after taking it home, you will find that each wash will continue to soften the fibres, leaving the fabric feeling increasingly velvety to the touch.

Linen Table Napkins

How can I use linen in my home? 

We love linen homewares, particularly for adding warmth and cosiness to contrast a minimalist furniture or decor scheme. One of our favourite ways to bring linen into your home is with a beautiful linen throw draped over your bed or sofa, to add the perfect touch of warmth to your living spaces.

Another favourite is linen tableware, which adds an understated elegance to mealtimes and special occasions. Whether your are hosting a casual Sunday brunch, or an intimate dinner party, rustic linen napkins or tablecloths bring a special touch to create the most memorable dining occasions.

If you've just brought home a new bub, a linen play mat can be the softest accessory for nap time or play time, whilst doing double duty as chic nursery decor.

Luxurious 100% Linen Throw

Is linen worth the investment? 

Whilst pure linen is typically more expensive than cotton, polyester or other synthetic textiles, the gorgeous soft hues of natural linen combined with its lasting nature and chic aesthetic makes it a very worthwhile investment for your home. A quality set of linen homewares can last for many years, and make for a wonderful gift for new homeowners or a treasured family keepsake to be passed down.

A premium choice across apparel, homewares or bedding, linen has long held on to its reign in the upper echelons of the textile industry. Offering a multitude of benefits in both form and function, now you know why! 

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