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Article: Sixteen Ways to Reuse Glass Jars Around Your House

Sixteen Ways to Reuse Glass Jars Around Your House - TSL

Sixteen Ways to Reuse Glass Jars Around Your House

Do you have a cupboard full of empty glass jars too? Whenever I finish a jar of pasta sauce, nut butter or pickled jalapenos, I end up with an empty jar that gets stored away in my pantry. Now that Spring has rolled around in Melbourne, it's time to get these jars out of my kitchen cupboard and put them to some use.

Reusing empty glass jars is a simple, eco-friendly and completely free way to reduce the waste around your house. See below a list of sixteen practical ways to reuse your empty jars for every room in your house!

Removing Stickers

First things first, you'll want to remove the sticker glued on to the jar. Simply leave your jar to soak in a tub of hot soapy water overnight, and the sticker should glide off with a gentle scrub.

Or if you're keen to get started right away, a bit of soapy hot water and light elbow grease should do the trick.


1. Store grocery items in your pantry - Rice, lentils, nuts and spices all store well in airtight containers.

2. Store homemade sauces, condiments and jams in your fridge. If you're planning to store it in the freezer, make sure your jar won't crack first.

3. Store leftovers - Layered salads, dips, soups etc, all hold well in upright jars.

4. Preserve pickles - Mix your shredded cabbage, onions, mini beetroot etc, with heated vinegar, salt and sugar for a quick and easy pickle.

5. Use as tumblers - Upgrade your water, homemade juices or smoothies. Pop in a reusable straw or a slice of fruit to be extra fancy.

6. Meal-prep breakfast - Chia pods, overnight oatmeal and granola all taste better out of a glass jar, trust me.

7. Sourdough starter - Is everyone still baking homemade bread? Leave your little sourdough baby on the counter with a loose-fitting lid, and watch it grow.


8. Fill with your homemade cosmetics or skincare - This works especially well for a homemade body butter or oil.

9. Store your makeup brushes - Keep the brush end facing up to let the bristles air-dry.

10. Store your lipsticks - A wider glass jar (such as a salsa dip container) is best for this so you can reach in more easily.

11. Store your make-up remover pads or other beauty tools - As above, a wider jar is best for this. Also works for hair ties and nail clippers, so you're never left without a hair tie when you need it (is it just me, or does this happen every single time?!)

Living room

12. Candleholder - Make your own DIY candle, or pop in an existing candle or tealight to jazz up the ambience.

13. Use as a vase - Snip a few fresh flowers from your backyard to make a simple floral arrangement.

14. Stationary holder - Store your pens, scissors, etc.


15. Create your own mini terrarium - I will admit, I'm not enough of a green thumb to have tried this myself, but it sure sounds impressive. Have you tried this? Let me know in the comments below!


16. Perfect for gifting homemade cookies, skincare or candles. Wrap some ribbon or twine around it, and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

How have you reused glass jars? The collection of glass jars in my cupboard is getting dangerously overcrowded, I could use some more ideas - let me know your suggestions in the comments below!

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