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Article: Best Herbs to Grow Indoors this Spring

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors this Spring - TSL

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors this Spring

We've finally made it to Spring after a long, grey, seemingly unending Winter. It's time to let some freshness in, to our homes and more specifically our kitchens. 

I brought home a basil plant about six months ago, and watching that little guy grow on my windowsill has brought so much joy. Growing your own herbs is an easy way to reduce your grocery bills, your carbon footprint and the plastic waste you're bringing to your home with store-bought plastic herb punnets. If you're thinking about starting your own indoor herb garden, here's some food for thought! Pun intended. 

Parsley - Fragrant and zesty, parsley needs plenty of sunlight, up to eight hours if you can. A partly sunny window will also work, but it will take a little longer to flower.

Chives - Perfect for mixing into a buttery scone, chives are one of the easiest herbs to grow. Pop it on a sunny windowsill, and snip off as needed. Ensure you leave about 2 inches in the pot so it can keep growing.

Rosemary - A bold flavour, rosemary grows better in cooler temperatures, but thrives in plenty of sunlight. Be careful not to overwater this one.

Easy herbs to grow indoors

Mint - Refreshing and fragrant, mint plants can grow into a long trail which also makes them an attractive plant to showcase in your kitchen. Also a good choice if your window doesn't get a huge amount of sunlight. 

Oregano - A staple for Italian inspired cuisine, water this guy when the soil starts to dry, ensuring you don't let it dry out. Oregano needs a few hours of sunlight a day, the more sunlight the stronger the flavour.

Easy herbs to grow indoors

Basil - Plenty of sunlight and occasional watering are your basil plant's best friends. Don't let it dry out, and you'll be rewarded with plenty of delicious leaves.

Tip for all the leftover herbs you can't use up? I've been freezing my basil leaves so I can turn them into a simple homemade pesto when I've got enough. A garlic and chive butter would be another delicious idea, or a rosemary infused oil to drizzle over pasta? 

Have you been growing your own indoor herbs? Which ones have worked best for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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