DIY Tuesday: Brightening Turmeric and Yoghurt Face Mask

Hello friends, 

This is the first instalment of our DIY Tuesdays, where we share with you simple, do it yourself ideas to enrich your natural, eco-friendly lifestyle. Don't worry, we've tried all of these ideas ourselves first, so you won't be the guinea pig. 

Today, we're sharing a face mask recipe that we've been using for years to help brighten dull, dry skin and remove pesky under-eye circles. 


1 tablespoon yoghurt 

1 pinch of turmeric 

1 drop of honey


Mix all together and apply to your freshly washed face with your finger. Aim for a thick layer, especially targeting dark spots, such as your under eye area (being careful not to get the mixture into your eyes).

The mask can be left on for up to ten minutes. Leaving it on any longer may result in your skin looking quite yellow (although don't be concerned, this is not harmful and will wash off gradually). If you have fair skin or are using turmeric topically for the first time, we suggest leaving the mask on for no longer than five minutes.


Yoghurt contains powerful probiotics, and helps to soothe angry or irritated skin. 

Honey is a natural antibacterial, and the antioxidants can help to fight against acne and cell damage. Honey is also moisturising, which is particularly beneficial for dry skin.

The hero ingredient in this mask is undoubtedly the turmeric, which is a strong anti-inflammatory plant commonly used in Asian cuisine. Applying a small amount of turmeric will go a long way in brightening your skin and protecting against the harsh effects of sunlight and pollution. 


Turmeric stains! Make sure you only use a small amount, wash your hands immediately after and keep any white t-shirts out of the way.

Lady applying turmeric and honey face mask

Image credit: Pinterest

Have you tried this mask recipe before? Or do you have any other DIY skincare recipes? Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to feature them!