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Article: How to be a more conscious shopper

How to be a more conscious shopper - TSL

How to be a more conscious shopper

Hi there! 

We hope you are keeping warm and well!

Today we're sharing our tips on how to be a conscious consumer, when buying groceries, fashion or other goods or services. We hope this article offers you some food for thought.

1) Buy local. There's never been a more important time to buy local. In the aftermath of the Australian bushfires and the global COVID-19 pandemic, buying local helps small businesses to keep going whilst also reducing your carbon footprint of petrol and air freight from overseas shipping.

2) Don't create food waste. Do you remember the news scenes of bins piling up with food that had gone to waste after people panic bought during COVID-19? When Australia is already throwing out almost $20 billion worth of food each year, or roughly 140 kg per person, try to limit your grocery shop to only what you know you will use.

3) Reduce your use of plastic. We had titled this 'ditch plastic' first, but we know that it can be hard to do entirely. Start with what you can, such as buying liquids in glass bottles rather than plastic (e.g. olive oil, skin care, hand wash etc). Who doesn't feel instantly more luxe when they drink sparkling water out of a glass bottle? 

4) Find unique brands. With just a little bit of online digging, you can find some incredible brands that are creating unique garments and accessories which look stylish but also are responsible towards our planet. We are putting together a list of some incredible, local brands that are offering beautiful garments and accessories made from natural and recycled materials. If you would like to be featured in this list, get in touch.

5) Invest in quality products. Investing in quality doesn't necessarily mean designer. Instead, invest in good quality staples that you can rewear and restyle in different ways. Natural fibres such as linen, silk and wool look and feel particularly luxurious.

We hope the above tips have planted some seeds of thought for you. Let us know in the comments below if you have any more tips on how to be a more conscious consumer and we'll add them to our next edit.

Until then,
Team TSL

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