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Article: Bamboo vs Silk Pillowcases: Discovering the Pros and Cons of Both

Bamboo vs Silk Pillowcases: Discovering the Pros and Cons of Both - TSL

Bamboo vs Silk Pillowcases: Discovering the Pros and Cons of Both

Famed for their many hair and skincare benefits, silk pillowcases exploded on to the beauty scene several years ago. The satiny feel of silk pillowcases can leave you with smoother, frizz-free hair, hydrated skin and a welcome relief from allergies and dryness.

However if you've resisted investing in a silk pillowcase, either for cost or the animal-welfare concerns, hop in bed with us and see why bamboo pillow slips may be the superior choice for a luxurious night's sleep. 

Bamboo Pillowcase

Firstly, what's wrong with a regular cotton or satin pillowcase? 

Cotton is a commonly used fabric in bedding, known for being inexpensive, versatile and easy to wash. 

However the rough and absorbent nature of cotton can cause a noticeably damaging impact on your hair and skin. If you regularly wake up with dry skin or frizzy hair, your pillowcase may be the culprit.

In contrast, the composition of bamboo and silk materials makes them a smoother and more comfortable alternative to traditional cotton. Both bamboo and silk have a satin-like feel to the touch, and are less absorbent than cotton, allowing your hair and skin to retain their natural moisture overnight.

If you're dreaming of waking up to silky locks and plump, healthy skin, you may want to consider switching to the naturally luxurious feel of silk or bamboo. 

What about Satin? 

Satin may seem to have the silky touch of real silk or bamboo, however as it is a synthetic fibre, it does not have any of the genuine wellness benefits. Satin is neither antimicrobial or anti-fungal, so repeated, long-term use can result in allergies, dryness or irritation. 

If you're looking for a genuine upgrade to your pillow slips, read on to find out why Bamboo or Silk may be an ideal choice for you.

Similarities of Bamboo and Silk 

Both Bamboo and Silk are incredibly smooth and cool against your face, helping you to feel comfortable and fresh all night long
Both Bamboo and Silk retain their moisture, helping your hair remain frizz-free  that can be irritated by the rough texture of cotton or polyester (this is especially so for those with curly, dry or damaged hair)
Both Bamboo and Silk have a satin-like feel against your face, helping reduce irritation or dry, scratchy skin
Both Bamboo and Silk are hypoallergenic, meaning they are suitable for people with sensitive skin or those who tend to suffer from allergies
Both Bamboo and Silk prevent dust mites, meaning they are more durable and better for people with allergies 


Differences between Bamboo and Silk 

So now that we know both bamboo and silk are preferable to cotton, satin or polyester pillowcases, which is the more superior option for you? Read on to find out the differences between the two fabrics.

Bamboo Silk
Bamboo is suitable for vegans or those concerned about animal welfare as it is made entirely from plant-based fibres.

 Silk is not suitable for vegans as it is produced by boiling live silkworms for their thread. Did you know it takes about 2,500 silkworms to produce less than 500 grams of silk?

 Bamboo is natural breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which reduces the likelihood of acne on your face or odor on your pillowcase.

 Silk can feel warm against your face at night as it must be woven very tightly to produce the fabric. This may not suit those who tend to become hot and sweaty at night time.

Bamboo can be an affordable alternative to real silk as bamboo is the world's fastest growing plant and can be produced relatively inexpensively.

Silk garments can be expensive as silk is difficult and expensive to produce. In fact, silk used to be the preferred choice for royalty as it was (and still is) considered a premium luxury.
Bamboo can be cleaned by simply machine washing at home and air-drying.

 Silk should be professionally cleaned to maintain its look, feel and durability, which can add to the cost.


You've probably guessed that here at The Sustainable Life Co, we much prefer to get in bed with our Bamboo pillowcases. Not only are they more environmentally-conscious, they are also significantly better value for money, durable and easy to look after. In any case, we hope this article has helped you consider and decide which option is best suited to you.

If you're ready to indulge in the silky smooth feel of luxurious bamboo pillowcases, take a look at our Organic Bamboo Pillowcases - Set of Two, available in White and Slate here. 

Thanks for reading and sweet dreams, folks! 

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