Five Simple Ways to be More Sustainable in 2021

The new year is finally here. After all the ups and downs of twenty-twenty, it's time to start fresh with new plans and resolutions for 2021. For myself, I have resolved to eat healthier, exercise more and be more environmentally conscious (as cliched as these may be)!

But as we all know, goals are much more achievable if you set out actionable ways that you can genuinely achieve these. So, if you've also set a similar goal for yourself, I've put together a list of five simple and practical ways to be more eco-friendly around the home and on the go. Hopefully with these tips, we can all find ways to be a little more sustainable in the new year.

1. Refresh your home with sustainable accessories 

If you were thinking of sprucing up your home in the new year, bring in some eco-friendly freshness with luxurious and reusable Linen Tableware, a cosy Linen Throw or a refreshing soy candle. Read more about why linen is one of the most sustainable textiles for your home here. If you're handy with paint or craft, check out home DIY and style expert Geneva Vanderzeil's blog for some simple yet striking DIY decor ideas. 


2. Less plastic in your grocery basket

Stick a sticky note on your fridge to look for plastic-free alternatives in the supermarket so it's front of mind when you hit the store. Remember to take your own reusable shopping bags, shop only what you will use up, and choose glass or paper packaged groceries where possible.

3. Ditch the single-use products in your bathroom cabinet 

Switching to Bamboo Toothbrushes, Reusable Bamboo Make-up Remover Pads and Copper Tongue Cleaners can all reduce the amount of waste sitting in landfill. Not only do these eco-friendly options typically last much longer than single-use alternatives, these materials are also gentler on the planet, both when sourced and at the end of their life.

Reusable bamboo make up remover pads

4. Switch to reusable cutlery when travelling

If you're heading back to work soon, you may find that the days of shared kitchen areas are largely gone. If you're taking your own amenities to work, opt for a reusable kit of cutlery, keep cup and metal or glass lunch box so you're not throwing out single-use plastic or paper everyday. Check out our range of Reusable Silicone Food Pouches which make the perfect storage solution for fruits, snacks or your PB&J.


 5. Shop small and sustainable when buying gifts 

Support local small businesses when looking for unique and thoughtful gifts for loved ones. A few ideas we love are Organic Bamboo and Cotton Muslin Swaddles for a baby shower, pure Linen Tableware for a housewarming, locally handmade jewellery or a bespoke scent made by a local perfumery. 

How do you plan to be more sustainable in the new year? Tell me your top tips in the comments below!