Is Silicone Safe to use in Your Kitchen?

You may have noticed silicone being increasingly touted as one of the best plastic-free alternatives for your kitchen.

Much more durable than plastic, cost-effective and safer for the health of your family - if you're not yet familiar with the benefits of silicone, here's a quick recap on why silicone deserves top spot on your kitchen shelf.

What is Silicone? 

Silicone is made from silica, i.e. sand. When sufficiently heated, silica forms the mouldable and non-toxic material commonly known as silicone.

One of the many benefits of silicone is that it does not require the use of limited or rare natural materials (or animal byproducts) to produce, given that its raw material, sand, is available in abundance.

What is silicone not? Plastic. 

Is Silicone safe to use in the kitchen? 

Yes, as long as you use food-grade silicone. Due to its high heat resistance, silicone is commonly used in various forms in the kitchen, such as baking mats, Reusable Zip Lock Bags or Reusable Stretchy Food Covers.

There are different global standards which regulate the sale of silicone and ensure that its use is food-safe. Our silicone products comply with all Australian health standards, and are non-toxic and BPA free.

This means that unlike typical plastic zip lock bags or cling wrap, our silicone products are not leaking harmful chemicals into your food. 

Reusable stretchy food lids covering bowl of popcorn

Is Silicone a better choice for the environment? 

Yes, if property disposed of in landfill, silicone will gradually break down into inorganic, harmless materials. Check your local council guidelines on recycling silicone in the most efficient and eco-friendly way.

Plastic on the other hand, takes on average 1000 years to decompose - this means that it lasts in landfills for generations.

In addition, plastic is more prone to breaking down into smaller pieces. This can pose harmful threats to marine wildlife when plastic is disposed of in waterways, as it may be mistaken for food.

Put simply, as research conducted by leading consumer advocate Debra Lynn Dadd has shown, silicone "is not toxic to aquatic or soil organisms, it is not hazardous waste, and while it is not biodegradable, it can be recycled after a lifetime of use". 

Reusable silicone zip lock bags

Why should you use Silicone in your kitchen?

Silicone is a safe and useful plastic-free alternative to have in your kitchen, offering many eco-friendly and value for money benefits, such as being: 

- Reusable and highly durable, especially compared to flimsy, single-use paper or plastic bags

- Lightweight and perfect for taking lunch or snacks on the go, especially compared to plastic or heavy glass containers

- Much more cost effective than replacing stained or cracked glass, plastic or paper accessories in your kitchen

- Tear-resistant and leak-proof, keeping your food fresh, safe and secure

- Non-toxic and odourless

- Durable and easy to clean by hand-washing or popping in the dishwasher

- Resistant to scratches, cracks and deterioration

So there you have it. Silicone is a safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to typical plastic kitchen accessories. We are confident that you will love our reusable silicone zip lock bags and stretch lids so if you're looking for some simple ways to introduce silicone into your home, check out our range of practical, affordable and fuss-free kitchenware now.