How Reusable Produce Bags Can Keep Your Fruit & Veg Fresh for Longer

Reusable produce bags offer a number of benefits, from being less wasteful, better value for money and having a number of multi-purpose uses around the kitchen and home. In addition to all of these, reusable produce bags are also the secret to keeping your fruit and vegetables fresh for much longer. 

In this quick guide, we share how to choose high quality reusable fresh produce bags, why they can be better for storing your fresh produce and how best to look after them so you get the most value for your money. 

Reusable Produce Bags

How to Choose Reusable Produce Bags

There are a few key factors to look out for when choosing your Reusable Produce Bags to ensure you get the highest quality and longevity. Being avid and long-term users of Reusable Produce Bags ourselves, we recommend looking for the following:

- Produce bags created from lightweight material that are easy to fold up and carry, and that also don't add unnecessary extra weight to the grocery-store scales. 

- Produce bags created from high quality cotton and secured with sturdy stitching that can hold the weight of your produce without tearing. 

- Produce bags that have a drawstring or other enclosure to keep your produce from spilling out (such as into the floor of your car). 

- Produce bags crafted in a mesh or net design that lets your produce breathe to avoid it 'sweating' (more on this below). 

Why Reusable Produce Bags can Keep Your Produce Fresher for Longer

Let's face it, no one likes mushy apples.  To keep your Granny Smiths crunchy and your bananas from spotting too early, it's necessary to slow down the layer of moisture or condensation that can develop when produce is stored in plastic bags. That moisture is also known as 'sweating'.  

Sweating is caused by plastic enclosing your fresh produce, thereby preventing it from getting access to the fresh air it needs to remain crisp and flavourful.

As you may have noticed, your fruits and veggies start to change and lose their flavour as they start to sweat and age. Storing them in a cool and dry spot, away from plastic and unnecessary moisture can significantly increase their crispness, freshness and longevity.

Whilst paper bags can also offer dry storage conditions, they are typically only available for single-time use, meaning there's more waste ending up in landfill. 

Similarly, whilst plastic bags are technically reusable, the flimsy options offered by supermarkets offer are generally manufactured using various chemicals that can seep into your produce.

To avoid putting these unsafe and unnecessary chemicals into your food and bodies or creating more waste in landfill, ditch the plastic and opt for safer and more environmentally-friendly options instead. Not only are these healthier and more planet-friendly, it'll also mean that your avos and pears are perfectly ripe, right when you want them. 

How to Maintain your Reusable Produce Bags 

The best thing about reusable produce bags, is that unlike paper bags or unsafe plastic bags, they can be easily and safely reused time and time again. Simply pop them into the wash whenever they start to show signs of wear, and let them hang dry.

You may find that the cotton bags shrink a little when coming out of the wash, but simply stretch them out with your hands lightly and they'll be ready to go for your next shop. 

If you haven't already made the switch to Reusable Produce Bags, you can shop our premium TSL Co Reusable Produce Bags here. If you need any more reasons on why you should be switching to Reusable Produce Bags today, take a look at our post on Six Key Reasons to Switch to Reusable Grocery Produce Bags here.