Do Face Rollers even work?

Face Rollers seem to be rolling in everywhere these days (pun intended). But are there any merits to their miraculous, age-reversing, youth-enhancing claims? Or is a Face Roller just an Instagram fad?

Spoiler alert, I absolutely love it. Let me tell you why! 

What is a Face Roller?

Typically made with Rose Quartz, Jade or another crystal, Face Rollers are designed to act as a gentle but effective facial massage tool.

You'll generally find them designed with one or two crystals of various sizes on either end of a long angular handle. The two sizes are designed to snugly fit in and around all the curves of your face.  

Harnessing the powers of traditional wellness techniques, these crystal infused rollers promise to decrease puffiness, stimulate blood-flow and firm up your skin, all with the simple roll of your wrists.

Read on to learn more about their many famed benefits, plus how to use them, how to look after them, and a few insider tips.

Jade Face Roller

What are the benefits of using a Face Roller?

- A Face Roller can enhance your natural glow by improving blood circulation. By using gentle pressure to roll the crystal over your skin, a Face Roller can stimulate the blood flow to your face. This will help to enhance your natural brightness and help your skin feel firmer and more taut.

- A Face Roller can decrease puffiness and muscle tension. By using a Face Roller over naturally puffy areas of your face, such as the under-eye region, it can aid in lymphatic drainage and decrease the puffiness or muscle ache you may experience in your face, neck and jaw, particularly after a bad night's sleep.

- A Face Roller can change the shape of your face. Regular use of a quality Face Roller can loosen stiff muscles, drain excess fluid and help your face return to its natural, angular shape.

- A Face Roller can boost the effectiveness of your skincare products. Using a Face Roller after applying your skincare, such as serum or face oil, can ensure your products are distributed across all areas of your face to maximise their reach and effectiveness.

- A Face Roller provides a cooling sensation which can help tighten and lift your skin. Pores naturally tighten and shrink against the cold, so a refrigerated Face Roller can help minimise the appearance of enlarged pores on your face and result in a smoother skin texture for better skincare and makeup application.

How do I use a Face Roller?

1. Apply your serum, face oil or moisturiser first. Using the face roller after your skincare will help your products absorb better and faster. In fact, it is recommended to always use a serum or moisturiser first, to avoid the crystal pulling against dry skin. Tip, you can even use your Face Roller over a sheet mask to maximise the absorption of the product.

2. Using gentle pressure, start at your neck and move slowly up your face in slow, gentle motions. The larger crystal is best suited for these wider areas of your face and neck.

3. Roll up from your forehead to your temple. This can aid in soothing headaches and releasing the tightness in your temples.

4. Roll over your eyebrows to help relieve some of the pressure behind the eye area.

5. Using the smaller end of your Face Roller, roll under your eyes, starting at the inner corners and gently drawing the roller upwards towards your temples.

6. Use your Face Roller daily to get the best results out of it, including softer, more supple skin and a more radiant complexion.

Rose Quartz Face Roller

How do I clean my Face Roller?

Wipe off excess skincare products with a damp washcloth. At least once a week, rinse it with your regular face wash or soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Let it air dry by laying across a clean, dry towel.

Final tips?

Keep your Face Roller in the fridge. The cool touch of the crystal against your face will provide a refreshing, skin-awakening sensation, perfect for mornings when you've struggled to catch your eight hours of beauty sleep. 

For a night time treat, try dipping your Face Roller in hot water for thirty seconds, and then rolling over your face as a hot stone massage. It's the perfect evening wind-down. Just remember not to keep the crystal immersed in hot water for too long.

Invest in a quality Face Roller. There are inexpensive knock-offs made of cheap stones, which you should avoid using on your face. Invest in a high quality Face Roller, and with regular use, enjoy the refreshing, soothing and brightening benefits of Face Rolling for yourself. 

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